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To better understand how these colour codes have been established, please see the following five articles:

Quoting From Job
Quoting From Enoch
Folly — In The Bible?
Audio Drama
Words Without Knowledge

So, yes, all Scripture is God-breathed, and the book of Job is scripture, therefore it is all useful for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction. For some of the passages in Job, God has indicated that the usefulness is limited to context. We do not want the foundation of our doctrine to be based on a quote from Satan, nor from those passages God condemned as folly or words without knowledge.

Please feel free to use this as a reference, to easily check a quote. You could also read it through to see if there are any verses that you might have been quoting from the “wrong” passages. Of course, the message in that specific verse may be perfectly sound, but it would be better to use another source. It is not that every word in that section is wrong, but every word is questionable, since God censured the passage.

We have also combined elements of these posts as a Magazine Article.