Church Building —

Nothing in this article is in regard to physical buildings, even if church congregations use them. This is about spiritual building, and lively stones.

Jesus said, “I will build my church.” Matthew 16:18

This church, the spiritual house, that Jesus is building is made of souls, aka, lively stones. 1 Peter 2:5

Since the gates of hell cannot prevail against Jesus building His Church, surely no mere mistake, human frailty, or distraction could possibly thwart His work. Satan and his followers are actively and powerfully striving to stop the advance of the Kingdom of God. They are failing, and will ultimately fail, to keep souls from coming to Christ. Their efforts, though vicious, are not sufficient to prevent true faith from growing and thriving. Quite the contrary. Frequently, God allows these attacks to help us exercise, thus strengthen, our faith.

Take hope and be encouraged, rather than being concerned about the limitations of us mere humans to rise to the ministry and calling God has given us. Each person has their own unique calling. If I am doing God’s calling, then God is on my side.

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