No one, to our knowledge, has made a movie about the Bible’s historical record we find in the book of Job. Part of our research on this topic includes stating this on a blog, so that you will correct us, if you know better, so please do. We would also like to know if someone else is already working on such a project. If so, then it’s possible that God is calling us to partner on this project, or maybe we need to step aside and focus on our other ministries.

This account certainly is worthy of a movie being made of it. It is unique. It has a nature video about animals and weather, narrated by God Himself. It has visions of Heaven and angels. There are powerful lessons and a life-changing message. Within the boundaries of the history, there is plenty of room for plausible stories that can help explain the lessons, help us understand the plot, and expand the enjoyment.

The Job Project is planning to make a movie and book surrounding this Biblical history. Here is our statement of purpose and values:

  • To bring joy to the heart of God
  • To give glory to God and His Word
  • To draw people closer to God and to each other
  • To preach the gospel to the poor
  • To meditate on God’s Word and share the lessons
  • To inspire exploration of God’s Word
  • To improve the lives of people by the power of God’s Word and, thus, impact society, changing the world for the better
  • To find common ground with others of like precious faith
  • To collaborate with fellow believers for the advancement of the Kingdom
  • To bless the brethren

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