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Sentence: Very talkative and has a positive attitude, making him an ample source of good news.

Descriptive words: faithful, studious, devout, spiritual, merchant, reliable, verbose.

Paragraph: Student of the teachings of Abel and Enoch via Noah. Recently ordained as a ministering brother of teaching by Noah, at 30 years old, just before Noah’s death. Looking glass merchant as a business associate of Job. Elihu is now married to Jemima, the oldest of Job’s daughters. He had an earlier betrothal with the oldest of Job’s first daughters. This would explain why he is so engrossed in analysing the arguments. Elihu provides much of the narration as he relates many of the events to Abram.

Phrases: true believer in God, devout student, reliable merchant, verbose optimist, spiritual colleague.

One page: Anyone who enjoys complaining or spreading bad news, learns better than to hang around with Elihu, since it spoils their fun. Not only can he out talk them, but he can turn just about any ill word on its head. Elihu travelled to another language-tribe, where there was a looking glass merchant, since there were no such tradesmen in his language-tribe. He used a contrived sign language and pantomime, along with offering money, to learn the trade over the course of a year. In the years following his return to Ur, he has been building up a production process and a sales process.

His preparation paid off when he met Job and his business went to another order of magnitude and beyond. During these years of growth, he partnered with managers and sales people, reducing his own time spent in the business, and devoting that time to additional studying of spiritual matters. After studying under Job, then Noah, for years, he was approached by Noah to consider a teaching ministry. He opted to turn his focus entirely to the teaching course. Noah announced to his disciples, shortly after Elihu’s 30th birthday, that he was now considered, by Noah, to be apt to teach the Word of God.

Elihu was betrothed to Job’s oldest daughter. When the trial of Job’s faith occurred, and she died, there was only a month left before the planned date of the wedding. Since Job and Elihu were business associates, and they were both disciples of Noah, plus Elihu was betrothed to Job’s daughter, the two men had a lot of interaction and knew each other fairly well. Elihu’s admonition of Job, in no way, stemmed from bitterness at the loss of his betrothed. It is clear, from what Elihu said, that he did not blame Job for the daughter’s death. When Jemima came of age for courtship, Elihu was finally able to see past the grief of his loss, 19 years earlier, and challenged all of her suitors to a competition of hand-to-hand combat, defeating them all with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Physical: He is physically fit and lean. His beard is short except the jaw line whiskers are a bit longer. Since he is 30, he still looks 25 at the time of the trial. At the time of the historian scene, he is 104 years old, and his generation does not live as long, so he is beginning to look a little older than Eber (362 at this scene), but not elderly, with a longer beard, but not quite neck length. Highly proficient with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. His walking speed is fast.

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