This is a follow up post to Character Sketches.

Sentence: A budding family man who has a knack for naturally turning the conversation to spiritual topics.

Descriptive words: Spiritual, entrepreneur, faithful, studious, friendly, brotherly, casual, planning, analysing, likeable, methodical, hospitable.

Paragraph: Called to be an evangelist. His wife is due to have Job’s first grand-child in a few months. Has a well established foundation as a business man. Very attentive to Job’s instruction and mentoring. Had been joining Job on visits to Noah for a few years, until he got married.

Phrases: True believer in God, soul winner, truth seeker, eternal student, family provider, brotherly friend, engaging host.

One page: He was a natural at quickly building rapport by asking questions, without seeming nosy. As the conversation moved along, he would add in short thoughts of his own, or quotes from others, or information about himself, that fit with what you were saying, then ask another question.

Job’s oldest son has a specific time of the day when he studies. He likes to “learn to swim while you sleep” by spreading his studies out over several weeks. To do this, he studies a small amount from several topics a day. This way his mind has time, while he sleeps, etc., to absorb and combine with other knowledge, so it is more easily assimilated into long term memory. He also has a time, once a week, when he gives more focus to a particular topic of study, perhaps travelling to learn from a master.

Much of his learning he has received from his father, Job, either directly or by documents in Job’s library. This library has some writings authored by Job, but is mostly copies from Noah’s library written by devout scribes Job hired. Job had personally confirmed each document by reading the original and reading the copy, finding it to be genuine. Writing was not widely used yet, but this library was fairly large, for its time.

On some of the trips Job made to study under Noah in recent years, this son travelled along, but not all of the trips, and none since his recent marriage. This is a decision he made to not travel during the first year of his marriage. At the time of their death, he and his wife were to have born a child in about 4 months. This would have been Job’s first grandchild. Two of his other brothers had also married, one recently and the other to a yet barren wife. None of his other brothers or sisters had yet married by the time they all died.

Physical: At this time in history, people had longer life spans, so people looked the same as when they were 25 for much longer. Job’s oldest son is in his early thirties, so he still looks 25. His beard is short and even. Though he could afford noticeably attractive clothing, he instead wears durable modest clothes that do not attract attention. He is physically fit and lean. His walking speed is moderate.

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