There is a cloaked figure walking toward an army captain. The captain has long hair pulled back in a pony tail, but is bald on the pate. His goatee is quite long and hangs down in two braids, yet the rest of his beard is short. You can see that they are discussing something. From the cloak a hand is raised, revealing a distinctive, double-triangle ring on his thumb. The hand turns, opening to a cupped palm, containing some gold coins. The army captain is pleased with the offer and nods. During the scene of the attacking Chaldeans, this same captain is clearly seen as the leader of the attack.

The attacks will not be portrayed graphically or intensely, so that this story will be friendly for children and the whole family can enjoy it together. For example, when Ed refers to Fred’s death (these names are just place holders … you will hear more about them when we post some more of the story), the older you are, the more you understand what happened, so the adults get the full impact without disturbing the children.

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