a) wife, son, daughter, father, mother, brother, sister, nephew, kinsfolk, widow;
b) Uz, Tema, Sheba, Sabeans, Chaldeans, Ethiopia, Ophir, Naamathite, Temanite, Shuhite, Buzite, Jordan river, the north, the south, the east, alien, stranger, traveller;
c) Job, Elihu, Eliphaz, Zophar, Bildad, Kerenhappuch, Kezia, Jemima, Ram, Barachel, Satan;
d) beasts, flocks, birds, fowls, leviathan, behemoth, unicorn, dragons, eagles, hawks, grasshoppers, wild ass’s colt, lions and their whelps, ostriches and their young ones, owls, hinds and their calves, peacocks, ravens, vultures, vipers, worms; domestication of: sheep, dogs, oxen, horses, asses, camels, cows, bulls, bullocks, calves, goats, rams, cattle;
e) hooks, barbed irons, fish spears, nets, snares, traps, gins;
f) pasture, garden, harvest, plows, yokes, double bridle, harrows, furrows, cribs, barns, fences, the growing of grain, fields of corn, seed, wheat, barley, millstones, bread, olive trees, oil, vineyards, grape vines, vintage, winepresses, wine, liquor, herbs, salt, honey, milk, cheese, butter, eggs, banquet, feasting, tables, bottles, pots, caldrons, pottery;
g) cedar, juniper, willow, mallow, thistles, thorns, cockle, nettles;
h) earrings; gold; silver; brass molten out of the stone; steel; iron; lead; bands; bars; brimstone (sulphur); mining;
i) jewels, crystal, coral, topaz, onyx, pearls, rubies, sapphires;
j) crowns, diadems, thrones, kings, princes;
k) cities, gates, bars, and doors (walled cities); fetters, stocks, prisoners; houses, chambers, dwellings, tabernacles, foundations, corner stones, tombs, graves, landmarks;
l) weapons, scourges, swords, spears, slingstones, darts, archers, bows, arrows, quivers, shields, habergeons, bucklers with bosses, captains, armies, bands, companies and battles (organized war);
m) fire, candles, lamps;
n) numbers, writing, printing, books, graving, pens;
o) money, riches, wealth, treasures, price, merchants, balances, bribery, ransom, restitution;
p) shuttle weaving, sewing, clothing, garments, raiment, coat collars, girdles, mantles, bags, beds, sackcloth, fleece, robe;
q) messengers, post (mail), swift ships, interpreters, maidservants, menservants, daysman, judges, physicians;
r) harps, organs, trumpets, tabrets, timbrels;
s) looking glasses, shaving;
t) theological terms: The Almighty (Shaddai), The Lord or God (Elohim), God (Elowah), The LORD (Yahweh), God’s Word, God’s Commandment, angel, spirit, ghost, pardon, condemn, curse, doctrine, truth, heaven, hell, evil, offering, prayer, saint, salvation, sanctified, law, crime, iniquity, sin;
u) bribery, envy, drunkenness, murder, robbery, thievery, adultery;
v) scientific knowledge of: weather cycles, metallurgy, zoology;
w) astronomy: Pleiades, Orion, Arcturus, heavens, sun, stars, moon;
x) weather: frost, snow, ice, hail, rain, drought, heat, wind, storm, tempest, whirlwind (tornado) from the south, fair weather or cold from the north, thunder, lightning;
y) months, seasons, noonday;
z) poison; giants; incurable; ointment

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