Many prefer the elegance of simplicity, and who can blame them? It is very nice when something is simple or easy to understand. We are naturally drawn to scenes of organized and predictable arrangements. There are many occasions when we can hunt down, or create, these manageable solutions and enjoy the benefits of such a reliable system.

Life is complicated. Sometimes we can just avoid those knotty situations, but sometimes such avoidance would be sinful negligence. Complexity in life is not going to go away, just because we prefer simplicity. We may be tempted to treat complex issues as if they were elementary.

This is just speaking in generalities, so here is an example. Church discipline is complicated. Thus, it requires much prayer, and probably fasting, for wisdom and guidance, backed by several years of Bible study. That is just an example. You can probably think of several more cases where much diligence, discretion, or responsibility is due.

Much value is added when we make the effort to simplify, yet it rarely happens without this effort. There are portions of the Bible that are easy to study. In contrast, there are some doctrinal topics that are difficult to understand. A preacher does a great service for his audience when he studies the Holy Bible for many hours, then shares some simple insights that God provided. The congregation will never get, from the sermon, the full benefit that the preacher got from the study. But, if they are attentive, they may receive far more listening to a half-hour of preaching than they would have received from a half-hour of Bible study. Among other blessings, this is one profit we receive from the prophet.

1 Timothy 5:17 Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.

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