Image of a child asking Santy, “Where are you in the Bible?”

Santa Claus is another way of saying Saint Nicolaus. This refers to a man who lived many centuries ago. He died on the 6th of December, which is now known as Saint Nicolaus Day. Since he died in the fourth century AD, of course he could not be in the Bible, but that is not the complete answer.

Why did they commemorate the day of his death? It is because that is the day many people found out about his secret. He was a wealthy man and had been secretly giving to the poor. He gave wooden toys so the poor children could have some enjoyment. He gave bakery items, with spices that the poor would not normally be able to afford. He also anonymously gave money and clothing to those in need.

Few men could have withstood, as Nic did, the great burden of wealth. He inherited a good deal of money. For most people, the temptation is too much, and they become self-centred or wasteful.

So, the qualities that Nic exemplified are in the Bible. The crowning example of giving, is when God gave His Son. Santa Claus is a good role model of the kind of giving we can do to follow God’s example.

Whether Santa Claus is in the Bible, thus, completely depends on you. Do you play along with the fairy tales? Or do you take this opportunity as a reminder to follow the biblical model of giving?

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