The time has come to provide more details regarding our Leviathan Story Writing Contest.

Since the time the contest was pre-announced, we have posted three sample stories.

Sarcosuchus Leviathan
Kronosaurus Leviathan
Tyrannosaurus Rex Leviathan

Your contest entries do not need to be nearly this short. We hope they help add vitality to your own creativity.

A talented artist has agreed to provide a prize to the winner of each age category. This artist is especially good at drawing dragons, and will render such art work based on the Leviathan description in your own story!

We are still seeking further prize contributions.

The entries will be judged anonymously, and scored based on the following rubric for judging criteria:

35% Innovation
Your story reflects and articulates original and interesting insights and ideas.

25% Impact
Your story produces a strong aesthetic, emotional, or intellectual effect in the reader.

25% Craft

  • Your story exemplifies quality and clarity of expression of ideas and sentiments.
  • Your story demonstrates a compelling writing style that captures and maintains the reader’s attention.
  • Each word in your story is carefully chosen and helps convey meaning.

15% Readability

  • Your story uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout with very few errors.
  • Your story is typed or has excellent penmanship.
  • The meaning is made clear in your story, of any advanced words that may be used.

Send your entries to either:

Or by mail to:
Darren Lauser
Farmers Cross
County Cork T12 KH5N

We plan to announce the winners in a blog post on the 1st of November. If you have provided us more direct contact information, then we will endeavour to contact the winners this way as well.