Well, not yet, but that is the plan. The movie will be free, but the sound track does not need to be free. Those who compose and perform the music for the movie can be compensated for their work by selling the sound track.

More and more artists are beginning to understand digital rights management and pirated music. For this endeavour, a proper understanding will be especially helpful. It is utterly impossible to stop people from stealing music. Instead of attempting to make it difficult to steal, just make it easy for people to pay for your music. The thieves will never pay, so don’t waste any effort trying to stop them from getting your music. So many producers are making mountainous investments in technical and legal barriers that attempt to hinder the theft of digital artwork. You can avoid this counter-productive expense.

The best advertisement for your music is to allow anyone to listen to it for free. An even more effective form of this advertisement is when the free music is associated with a good cause, like our movie!

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