It would be humorous, if it was not being taken seriously. Some call it being politically correct (PC). Are people really this easily offended? Or are they just hunting for yet another way to get control of others? I guess it is some of both. The noisy complainers voicing their petty irritations, as if they were victims of a crime, and the politicians taking advantage of the complaints to pile on more regulations.

Now, I am not making any excuse to be unkind. However, this is a matter of courtesy and grace, not legislation.

What if I walked around Cork city and was allowed to dictate what I wanted removed because it offended me? I assure you there would be quite a few things that would go. I would not lobby the legislature for such powers, because I believe in liberty.

If I say something that is merely offensive, get over it. I have done you no harm. Of course, it is not OK for me to threaten you, as if I was a clear and present danger. Of course, it is not OK for me to slander you. Other than that, freedom of speech is a good thing. If you do not agree, then go live in some country that does not have freedom of speech.

If I say something offensive to Pippin, the ethical limit of Pippin’s response is to say something back at me. If Pippin tries to use the government to bully me into refraining from saying anything he doesn’t like, then that is tyranny. There is enough tyranny in this world without Pippin trying to add more.

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