Either God created the world, or it created itself. There is no third option. If you think there must be another option, then name one. Atheists have come up with quite a lot of explanations for how things could have come about without any divine intervention. Some are plainly desperate ravings but, if you didn’t know any better, some of their explanations might seem convincing. It is important to realize that they are just stating their wishes, their opinions, their rationalizations that they really hope are plausible.

Some of them claim that they are just stating scientific facts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both Theists and Atheists have the same scientific facts. It is the interpretation of those facts that they are stating, not science. Science is knowledge. Science is testable, repeatable, and observable. Forensic science, in the present, can be used to help us determine what happened in the past. The most we can hope to gain from such scientific research is just clues, not eye-witness testimony.

When we interpret clues we come back to our beliefs that we already hold, to help us understand the meaning of the clues. So, it is our beliefs that are the basis for our conclusions, not the scientific facts. What we really need is eye-witness testimony, someone who was there and saw what happened, someone who is truthful and can be trusted. That is really the only way to know for sure what happened in the past. Otherwise we are just guessing. The statement of a guess is not knowledge, but opinion. Since a guess is not knowledge, it is also not science, regardless of scientific observations that are mentioned in conjunction with the guess.

If you start your investigations with the assumption that everything needs to be explained naturally, without any divine intervention, then you will gravitate towards any explanation that seems to favour or align with that assumption. That is in fact what the honest evolutionists will tell you they are doing. They reject any super-natural explanation for anything, regardless of the evidence, regardless of the eye-witnesses.

As Christians, we can take God at His Word. If we do not believe something could have happened supernaturally, then we do not believe in God. There is no reason to doubt whether or not God created the world the way He said He did. That would be silly. It is even worse when we take an Atheist’s word that his view about history is scientific. Even at the outset, when this heresy first began, there were solid biblicists who defended the historical reading of Genesis admirably. And we have the same today, if anyone would listen. Thank God there are many who do listen and thus reject such false atheistic teachings. There are also many who need no such defence, since they read their Bible and find it plain to see what God said, and they believe it.

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