The One Eyewitness —


In John chapter three we have two testimonies that agree. One testimony is from John the Baptist about Jesus. The other testimony is from Jesus about Himself. Among other things, they agree that Jesus came from Heaven with eyewitness testimony. Both Jesus and John also agreed that this was something unique about Jesus. We do not have any other person who can tell us first-hand what they have seen for themselves in Heaven.

You may be wondering about those who claim they have been to Heaven during a short brush with death. We are not accusing them of lying, since they may sincerely believe they have been to Heaven. We can tell from Scripture that they are mistaken.

This limitation is especially to be expected now that we are in the New Covenant. We already have, in the Bible, the complete revelation that God is going to provide. There is no new revelation that anyone can give us, beyond what is recorded in Scripture, even if they could go to Heaven and live to tell about it.

Even this extraordinary man, that Paul mentions in 2 Corinthians 12, who heard some words in paradise (third heaven), it was not lawful for a man to speak such words. This is not a law that is going to be broken.

Jesus is the only person who ever will be able to give us an eye-witness message from Heaven. Everyone else who has received a message from Heaven, got it from a less direct means, such as visions, dreams, or visits from angels. The closest anyone has gotten to Jesus’ level of direct revelation is when God spoke to Moses directly.

This uniqueness of Jesus is expressed as a significant point. It is as if Jesus’ credentials are being submitted to establish His authority.

When Jesus said that no one had ascended to Heaven, He was not saying that no one had ever died and gone to Heaven. He was saying that no one on Earth can ever come from Heaven and can give you an eye-witness testimony about Heaven.

This somewhat justifies those who print the words of Christ in red in the Bible. Yes, every word of the Bible is from Jesus, since He is the Word of God. But, some words in the Bible need to be weighed, and Jesus’ words are absolute. Peter said some things that are recorded in the Bible, then Jesus said that Peter was wrong, for example. Nothing Jesus said was ever wrong in the slightest.

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