Conspiracy Theories —

What is a conspiracy? Well, for starters, there needs to be more than one person involved. That’s the point. It always takes more than one person to overthrow a national government, for example, though that sounds like it might make a good plot for a Chuck Norris movie. Some number of people are planning together towards some scheme.

Almost exclusively, the context where this word is used strengthens the connotation that the plot is evil. Quite often the conspirators themselves would admit that their secret agreement is nefarious, but not always. Sometimes the conspirators see themselves as righting some wrong against a corrupt regime. In this case, the secrecy is to keep the bad guys from stopping the good guys. So often, though, it is bad guys against bad guys.

Sometimes the identity of those involved in the covert operation is kept secret forever, but other times the secrecy is only needed until the deed is done.

There have been many wars throughout history. It is possible that some of those wars were started right out in the open, with no hidden agenda to create a coalition, but that would be a rare occasion. A coup would also need a conspiracy, even more so than a war.

It would be quite odd for anyone to suggest that there are no conspiracies. First, it is an indisputable fact of history that conspiracies have been happening quite often over the years. Second, if there was a conspiracy, how would you know? It is supposed to be a secret. This is not to defend all “conspiracy theorists,” as if they were all correct.

If someone sees evidence, or something suspicious, what is wrong with pointing that out? In a neighborhood watch, we all agree to report suspicious activity. That makes our community more safe from crime.

It is easy for us to look back in history and condemn those who knowingly allowed the Nazi plans to go forward, resulting in WWII and the Holocaust. How can we now use the phrase “conspiracy theorist” as a term of scorn?

Mordechai was rightly rewarded for reporting, thus stopping, the conspiracy to assassinate the king. This is not to say that slander is OK, like when Potiphar’s wife falsely accused Joseph. It is good to be skeptical about these reports of evildoing, but not shoot the messenger.

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