“If I have done less than is expected, it is because I have giants standing on my shoulders.” — Caasi Notwen


We have now come to a blog post that is so significant, that it could be compared to the importance of Daylight Saving Time in Antarctica.

Since I am in my mid forties, it seems like it is about time that I make some project plans for my mid-life crisis. I will call it “The Meridian Project.”

As with any well-planned project, it is good to glean the insights of those who have attempted similar endeavours. If nothing else, it might give you the opportunity to practice identifying psycho-bio-reactions that tend to cause defensiveness when we feel that our character is being attacked. Even if you personally haven’t undertaken such a project, I am sure that you have had visibility to others’ projects, for example:

  • motorcycles
  • fast cars
  • body building
  • marathon training

Getting fat, although I am sure it has its benefits, seems anti-climactic.

At the moment, I only have three teenagers. My younger children will too soon join them in their project deliverable to turn my hair gray.

Politically, do you think it would be good for me to begin work at promoting the adoption of the legal policies of Antarctica, since they have the lowest crime level?

Several years ago I started transitioning to a diet that promotes regularity. Therefore, I plan to leave that out of the deliverables for this project. Many people save this for their retirement project anyway.

One project that I have already started is the study of science. Though I don’t intend to become so highly trained in science that I start to salivate at the mention of the name Pavlov.

I would like to include something in the project that is very challenging. Without abandoning my innate talents, like growing hair. Although production has fallen off at certain sites in recent years, its seems that this will continue to be a viable product for many years to come. Besides, I would hate to part with it.

Sloof Lirpa

Psalm 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, [There is] no God.