Our Father in Heaven, I honour and fear Your Glorious Name. Both Your Wisdom and Your Power are Perfect. Your Perfection is Flawless, Complete and Pure. By the Power of Your Word, You created. There is no perfect mother who never bore a child. There is no perfect potter who never wrought a vessel. You are The Perfect Creator.

Holy Father, thank You for this calling. I appreciate the insights, the lessons, and the fellowship of the brethren. It blesses me to be a minister of Truth, through this work. Thy Word is Truth.

Any endeavour is folly, if it fails to avail of Your Almighty Arm and Your All-seeing Eye. For this project, may You be the Producer, the Author and the Director. I am a servant and You are the Master and Lord. I am a follower and You are the Leader and Guide. I am a sheep and You are the Shepherd. I pray that You, Elohim, and You alone, will be glorified through this ministry.

Those who hate You, will also hate this project. I pray that You will give us the anointing of Your Grace to forgive them before, during and after the attacks. May Your Charity flow through us to respond in pity and peace. Let the Power of the Resurrection, that we celebrate the first day of every week, draw them to You to receive Your Lordship and Mercy.

I commend this venture to You, dear Lord, so that You have full control. Please burn away the impurities, inspire the artists, and direct our hearts into Your Love. May this project die, at Your Hand, if it is not within Your Perfect Will and Timing. Amen.

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