There is an amazing book by Bill Cooper called “After the Flood” published by New Wine Press. Much of the book correlates directly to The Job Project, due to the time period covered. The people in The Job Project story generally belong to the Shemite line, since it is after the dispersion from Babel and they are in Ur of the Chaldeas. We thought it would be fun to use some of the information from Mr. Cooper’s book to tie in the Japhetic line by including a visiting travel guide from Macedonia. Our fictitious character’s name is Scott son of Fearon, which just happens to be my cousin’s name, Scott McFeron. The Celtic Irish Kings list in “After The Flood” includes a descendant of Magog, of the Japhetic line, named Fearon. This historical figure would pre-date the time frame of The Job Project. This also pre-dates the migration of the Celts from Macedonia to Ireland. Many of the Celtic Surnames come from prominent ancestors, such as Fearon, and the McFeron ancestry can be traced back to the north of Ireland and Scotland.

On a previous post we discussed the possibility that a tune has been passed down through the ages and we have lost track of the origin. In addition to the score of the movie, mentioned in that post, we have thrown in another tune of ancient origin. Scott hears a tune composed by Noah, and liking it very much, he begins whistling it himself, when departing the scene. The tune is called Slane, which has an ancient Irish heritage, and is the tune to the “Be Thou My Vision” hymn.