There is an awesome book by Donald Chittick, called “The Puzzle of Ancient Man” published by Creation Compass. It talks about the apparently lost knowledge that humans once had, in very ancient times, that we today either don’t know or have only recently re-discovered. For example, it is clear that men moved stones so large that we could not move them with current technology. The time frame in history for the story of The Job Project lies within this mysterious zone of technology.

One product we have invented for our story we call the beetle light. It is a lighting appliance that produces chemical cold light in a similar manner to lightning bugs, etc. As part of the story, we hint at how the dispersion brought the demise of the knowledge needed to continue producing these lights. So, this aspect of the story could put it into the science fiction category. At the same time, no one has an automobile, telephone, or even a banana, and writing is only beginning to become widely used.

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