In future posts, we are planning to show you a couple of character sketches. Much like the back story, much of the content of these sketches would not be directly included in the story.

We want the looks of each person to be distinctive from the others so it is easy to tell them apart in the movie and easy to visualize them in the book. The artwork in the book will be movie stills, so the individual’s specific details will largely be determined by casting.

Making a movie is a collaborative work of art. The unique talents of each person cast for the roles can be incorporated into the story and would somewhat change these character sketches and even, to a lesser degree, the plot of the story. For example, if one of the performers is also a musician, then we could weave in a sub-plot allowing for them to sing or play a song, though this movie will not be a musical.

Since this post was originally written, we have added two character sketches at the links below.

Character Sketch Of Elihu

Character Sketch Of Job’s Oldest Son