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“The Tower of Babel; The Cultural History of Our Ancestors” by Bodie Hodge, published by Master Books.

I will admit my bias up front, I think I would recommend any book published by Master Books.

When browsing the contents of the book, I noticed that there was one appendix, and it was discussing the chronological placement of the book of Job. So, of course, I skipped to that part first! This provided a good deal of helpful information to shape the bibliography for my own research. Thank you Mr. Hodge!

Starting with the pronunciation of the word Babel, as an example, Mr. Hodge points out the powerful effect of distinct languages to place a barrier between people. Then he sketches the common attacks against the Bible regarding this historical account. Demonstrating that these battles are to be engaged as a biblical authority issue, he then addresses these attacks, showing why they are not valid.

Using Bible study to establish the foundation for history, this book proceeds to teach us, all of us, about our ancient ancestry. When you go back in history far enough, we all have the same family tree. Related topics that are included are languages, plate tectonics, legends about the tower and language split, decrease in life span, and more.

The tower of Babel is within the same era as the landing of the ark, so this time frame is the re-starting point of history. From that perspective, this book helps us to comprehend a biblical framework to view and understand all ancient history. Since history is key to understanding our world, I recommend this book as an aid to infuse the Light of Truth into all of your thinking, providing discernment to your studies.

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Do you want to help with The Job Project?! OK, good, thanks!

Later, we will need people to do the acting, cinematography, CGI, etc. Right now we could use some help with the story. It is not ready for critical review. It is not even done enough for proofreading, since it will change a lot before it is ready for production. Right now, we could use some editorial review, especially if you are willing to point out problems. Please let me know and I will give you the current draft for your input and insights. Thanks!

We could also use some artwork, both graphics and music. The graphics may, or may not, be used in the movie or the book, but it would help us visualize the story. The score of the movie is the tune to the “Immortal, Invisible” hymn, but we need arrangement for a brass orchestra. This could be done by several people, since we need new embellishments for each repetition.

And lastly, for now, we would be interested in hearing about resources that could improve the quality. I will list the resources that we already know about, so you can tell us about any additional ones. Thanks!


  • The New Defender’s Study Bible, notes by Henry M. Morris, World
  • Annals of the World, Archbishop James Ussher, Master Books
  • Reese Chronological Bible, Bethany House
  • The Wonder of It All, Left Coast Design, New Leaf Press
  • Nelson’s Bible Maps & Charts
  • Dragons of the Deep, Carl Wieland, Master Books
  • After The Flood, Bill Cooper, New Wine Press
  • Tower of Babel, Bodie Hodge, Master Books
  • The Puzzle of Ancient Man, Donald Chittick, Creation Compass
  • The Genius of Ancient Man, Don Landis, Master Books
  • An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood, Michael J. Oard, ICR
  • Life in the Great Ice Age, Michael J. Oard, Master Books
  • Uncovering the Mysterious Woolly Mammoth – Life at the End of the Great Ice Age, Michael and Beverly Oard, Master Books
  • Unwrapping the Pharaohs, John Ashton and David Down, Master Books
  • God and the Nations, Henry Morris
  • Advanced Bible Study Series – Job, David Cloud, Way of Life Literature
  • Friends Wanted but Brothers Needed, Steven Currington, Bethel Baptist Print Ministry
  • Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster, Foundation for American Christian Education
  • Chronology of the Old Testament, Floyd Nolen Jones, Master Books
  • Dinosaurs for Kids, Ken Ham, Master Books
  • Dragons – Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs, Bodie Hodge & Laura Welch, Master Books
  • The Remarkable Record of Job, Henry M. Morris, Master Books
  • Opening Up Job, Ian McNaughton, Day One
  • Dragons or Dinosaurs DVD, Cloud Ten Pictures