Dignity For All Daughters —


Please allow us to draw your attention to a global ministry we hope will grow to bless many millions. Dignity For All Daughters is a pact to refrain from using porn, or sexual seduction, as advertising.

Why? Of course, we are not advocating scorn towards sons. There is something unique and precious about daughters of any age. We intend to commend noble firms that choose to respect those feminine qualities which are so often disgraced for commercial purposes.

It is easy to find examples of those who use advertising that is degrading to women. It is not so easy to find those who consistently treat all daughters with dignity. If you see an advertisement that is perfectly decent, how would you know they always adhere to this high standard?

The purpose of this public service is to certify, and publicly commend, that our affiliates consistently uphold the standards of feminine honour. An affiliate is either an individual, or an organization, who has officially, freely, and publicly affirmed agreement with the defined standards of Dignity For All Daughters.

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