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Toastmasters Speech

The following information is not a transcript of the speech video. This blog post is here to provide additional details.

Pathways, Effective Coaching, Level 2, project 1 (5th speech) — Leadership Style

Project objective:

Deliver a 5- to 7-minute speech at a club meeting to share some aspect of your leadership style, or leadership styles in general. You may choose to discuss your style preferences when working with others, your style and how you can adapt it to situations, or leadership styles in general and how they impact a group.

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Coach Wooden

There is a nice 34-minute documentary about Coach John Wooden.

Here is my favourite version of his pyramid of success.


Leadership Affirmation

Before I share my personal leadership affirmation, it is important to explain the purpose of such a list. Everyone has virtues. Because no one is perfect, everyone can become more virtuous. I have a choice. I could convince myself that there is no hope, so I might as well give in to every temptation. If I make that choice, not only will I have a rotten life, my life will be a negative influence on others. When someone encourages me about some virtue they see shown in my life, I am drawn to grow in that virtue. This urge to become better comes not only as a boost from others, but also from what I say to myself. Of course, I am not saying these affirmations as if I have attained perfection in every aspect of these virtues — they are reminders to myself to keep growing.

  • I am leading for the benefit of others — the most rewarding life is to make the world a better place by improving the quality of people’s lives — “Leadership isn’t how far we advance ourselves, but how far we advance others.” ~ John Maxwell
  • I am developing my leadership and communication, so I can help others grow and rise to God’s calling in their lives.
  • I am leading because I want REAL success:
    • Relationships
    • Equipping
    • Attitude
    • Leadership
  • I am leading by example
  • I am leading by valuing the contributions and insights of each team member — teamwork
  • I am leading by sharing wisdom: information that is both highly valuable and highly trustworthy — authoring documents, participating in meetings, teaching, equipping
  • I am leading by sharing contacts — introducing people
  • I am leading by being authoritative, rather than authoritarian
  • I am leading by being authentic, rather than merely honest — vulnerable, rather than hiding my shortcomings — giving trust
  • I am leading by prioritizing — investing time doing important things, not just the urgent
  • I am leading by changing myself for the better — open to coaching, seeking training and self-education, goals program
  • I am leading by changing business processes for the better
  • I am leading by encouraging — coaching, mentoring, guiding
  • I am leading by managing risk — due diligence in reducing the impact and probability
  • I am leading by taking initiative — ambition, hunger, industriousness, resourcefulness, adaptability, creativity
  • I am leading with responsibility — earnest, gravity, loyalty, reliability
  • I am leading with confidence — assertive, not aggressive — knowledge, not arrogance — faith: belief, trust, hope, peace, optimism
  • I am leading with joy — happiness, cheer, good humour, gratitude, enthusiasm
  • I am leading with vitality — energy, endurance, health
  • I am leading with prudence — good judgement based on wisdom 
  • I am leading with integrity — high standard of ethical principles
  • I am leading with grace — giving kindness, patience, forgiveness, honour

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