Innocent Blood —


For their unpardoned evil here on Earth, each person will be judged, convicted, and sentenced. Some of the consequences for these actions will come in this life, some in the next life. Nations are also judged for their actions. But a nation does not have an after-life, so all of the consequences for unpardoned national actions must be faced here on Earth. God is a just Judge and requires justice.

There are several times in the Bible when God pronounced His judgement on a nation. With one exception, each time God gave the option to repent and avoid destruction. There is one time in the Bible when God said He would not offer pardon for the nation. It was when that nation had shed much innocent blood. 2 Kings 24:4 “The LORD would not pardon.” The king, who was responsible for the bloodshed, had already repented, after decades of evil, and had become a believer, but that was not sufficient in this case. The only options they were given were different forms of national destruction. There was no option available to avoid the downfall of the nation.

Government is an institution of God. The purpose of government is criminal justice. When a nation’s government turns to promoting evil, it does not make sense to expect that nation to get away with this evil for long.

Because they have shed much innocent blood over the years, the American Federal Government is doomed. The populace of several states have been taking a stand against this evil. Based on the biblical principles, the blood is on the hands of the Feds, not those states, so we are voting with our feet.

Proverbs 22:3 A prudent [man] foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

We have no intention of aiding the fall of the American Federal Government, and those states who will also not be pardoned, but when God tells me where lightning is going to strike, I don’t stand there.

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